Founded in 1994 in San Ramon, California; Pacific Building, Inc. is a commercial general contractor committed to building superior quality commercial and retail construction that exceeds our client’s expectations. We build upon our client’s vision and create relationships which, through teamwork, provide a consistently superior customer experience and meet our own high expectations.

Pacific Building, Inc. is a full-service general contractor committed to a safe working environment, strategic planning initiatives, teamwork and long-term relationships. Our clients, employees, and build team enjoy a corporate environment where loyalty, integrity, respect and dedication is allowed to thrive.

Stephen W. Yatsko
CEO, Project Development
Donald A. Farrelly
CFO, Secretary and Treasurer
David Duncan
Director of Field Operations

Our vision for the future is clear: Pacific Building, Inc. will succeed based on our ability to deliver on our commitments to our client based upon their vision and our values.

Our goal is simple: we will continue to provide our clients superior quality commercial construction by utilizing innovative project management systems and leveraged relationships with our key subcontractors to become the foremost authority in commercial construction in the Western United States.